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Visually impaired citizens to be able to vote in April election in Azerbaijan


Each polling station will be provided with a stencil forms using Braille alphabet in Azerbaijan in connection with the presidential election scheduled for April 11.

The Media and Public Relations Department of the Central Election Commission (CEC) told the independent media center “Election-2018” that visually impaired citizens who have the right to vote will be able to cast their ballots for any candidate.

Voters with disabilities will be able to use portable ramps at polling stations. As a result of the conducted work, it was revealed that there are voters with limited physical abilities at 1,455 polling stations, and conditions were created for unimpeded movement of these people and mobile ramps were installed. Thus, favorable conditions have been created for such voters at all polling stations.

In general, according to the requirements of the Electoral Code, voters, who due to health reasons don’t have the opportunity to come to the polling station, can use mobile ballot boxes to vote at home.

The ramps will create an opportunity for their integration into society, for free voting at polling stations on a par with other voters.

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