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Presidential administration: External forces attempted to aggravate religious situation in Azerbaijan


External forces have periodically attempted to aggravate the religious situation in Azerbaijan, said Jeyhun Mammadov, Senior Adviser at the Department of Interethnic Relations, Multiculturalism and Religious Issues of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan.

He made the remarks at a conference dedicated to promotion of spiritual values in Baku on April 19.

Mammadov stressed that external pressure stands at the core of many problems in Muslim countries.

“National and religious values were used to destroy a nation or a state. There were attempts to create problems in this area. Periodically, certain pressure was imposed on Azerbaijan from outside, some forces tried to exacerbate the religious situation in the country. However, thanks to successful policy pursued by the head of state these attempts failed,” Mammadov said.

He stressed that President Ilham Aliyev attaches great attention to the religious sphere.

Mammadov noted that not the state alone should suppress attempts of external pressure on Azerbaijan.

“Religious figures should be vigilant in this matter, and more attentive in their activities,” Mammadov said.

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