Iran’s Azerbaijani MP criticizes lack of nationwide TV for Turkic people


Iranian MP, Nader Ghazipour ‎criticized certain cultural discrimination against the Turkic people in the country.

Ghazipour, who represents Urmia electoral district in Iran’s parliament, in an open session of the parliament May 16 criticized lack of countrywide TV for “40 million Turkic people” in Iran, the Iranian media outlets reported.

He made the remarks while questioning the Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Abbas Salehi Amiri over distribution of the newspaper of the Tehran Municipality across the country, which, according to the MP, imposes serious impact on local newspapers.

“We, 40 million Turkic people in Iran, do not have a nationwide newspaper,” the MP said.

He further called for respecting the rights of Turkic people, who make “the majority of population in the country.”

In recent months, various Azerbaijani MPs have requested for implementation of the Article 15 of the Islamic republic Constitution and education in mother language.

Iranian politicians have brought the issue to agenda time-by-time, in recent years.

Last month, during a provincial visit to East Azerbaijan, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called for promoting Azerbaijani language.