ANAS Institute of Manuscripts elected a member of the International Society of Manuscripts


ANAS Institute of Manuscripts after Muhammad Fizuli elected a member of the International Society of Manuscripts, which is located in Kansas whose general headquarters.

The name of the institute and our country are already included in the single register of the society, other members of the institution were given information about the activities of the institution and the manuscripts stored in the fund. Along with this, the Institute’s employees received a free subscription to the scientific journal “Manuscript”, published 4 times a year.

Founded in 1948, the organization until 1953 carried out its activities under the name “National Society of collectors of autographs and manuscripts”.

The society unites the archives of various countries, research institutes, manuscript funds, libraries, etc. At present, more than 1500 organizations and about 3400 archivists, manuscripts and librarians are members of the society.