Uzbek Foreign Ministry to focus on developing foreign economic relations


Special divisions will be created at the Uzbek Foreign Ministry to develop foreign economic relations and attract investments to the country.

This proposal was made at a meeting chaired by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, devoted to the analysis of the activities of the republic’s foreign policy department.

“The importance of establishing at the Foreign Ministry relevant departments involved in the development of foreign economic relations, increasing exports and attracting investment, broad promotion of the country’s tourism potential, as well as coordinating the activities of intergovernmental commissions as a secretariat were stressed at the event,” the presidential press service said.

Furthermore, the activities of each diplomatic institution of the country abroad will be considered and the foreign policy guidelines for the forthcoming period will be outlined.

In addition, Mirziyoyev proposed to assign to each embassy specific regions of the country and branches of the economy in order to develop the ties of these regions with foreign countries.

Special attention was also paid to the importance of establishing a clear and effective system of interagency cooperation between the Foreign Ministry and its diplomatic missions with relevant ministries and departments and local executive authorities.

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