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“This tough will of the head of state was a cold shower effect for internal and external enemies”


The press conference held by the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev for local and foreign journalists was remembered with interesting, courageous, thoughtful and analytical statements. The event was not only memorable, but also caused a wide resonance in the local and international media, socio-political circles. The President’s speeches became the agenda of neighboring countries, especially and  the hostile state of Armenia. This behavior of the heads of state, who answered about 50 questions patiently and discreetly in 4 hours and 4 languages, surprised and was appreciated foreign journalists as well.

This statement was made to Milli.Az by political commentator Mubariz Goyushlu.

According to his words , among the answers of Ilham Aliyev, including the questions addressed to him, the Karabakh issue, the situation here, future plans and prospects were especially dominant: “All this is natural, because last year Azerbaijan was a victorious state that conducted a 44-day successful military operation and carried out the Great Patriotic War, which will be discussed and investigated for a long time in the world military history. Everyone was interested in the statements of the leader, who has solved the Karabakh problem, which has become a geopolitical knot for 30 years, and thus managed to attract the world’s attention, about the future of the region and reconstruction activities which take part in Karabakh.

The President professionally reconciled the Karabakh issue with geopolitical processes and gave bold messages to the countries which are interested in it, especially Russia. His views on the “Iskander” missiles, which have become a topic of discussion in recent days, are very important. The Azerbaijani side has always opposed the transfer of such weapons, in general, the military arsenal to Armenia free of charge, and the rapid armament of the enemy state by Russia. The recent war, the firing of Russian missiles at our settlements and the commission of war crimes against the civilian population proved that Ilham Aliyev was right. Armenian politicians and servicemen, showing their treacherous qualities, preferred to aim their weapons at non-military targets rather than military ones. Therefore, it is very right to demand that Russia arm them. ”

The expert emphasizes that  Russia and Azerbaijan are friendly countries, President Ilham Aliyev  saying that Russian companies will take part in the reconstruction work in Karabakh conveyed his goodwill gesture to the other side. . “However, in this regard, there was a cold shower effect for internal and external enemies to harden the dissatisfaction of the heads of state with the activities of peacekeepers, their inaction, and their real will.” His statement that Azerbaijanis will and must return to the territories controlled by peacekeepers is very important because the Armenian side, their patrons, as always, this time resorting to tactics to end the problem in their favor by prolonging the solution. However, as can be seen the Azerbaijani leader will not allow it. If we add the remarks of the President on the identities of those released from the Lachin corridor to Khankendi, what happened there, the role played by Russia will come to life before our eyes.

Goyushlu noted that The main focus of the President’s statements was to Armenia, Armenians and relations with them. “We have nothing to do with the Armenian people” said the head of state He sent an important message to the Armenians in Karabakh, Armenia and the world who want to live in peace with Azerbaijan: “If they stay calm, live under the Azerbaijani flag and laws, and do not engage in terrorism and provocation, they will not have a problem,” he said. The target is not ordinary Armenians, but radicals and their supporters. The target is not ordinary Armenians, but radicals and their supporters who are the radical Armenians who do not give maps of the mined areas to Azerbaijan and thus commit another crime. The head of state also brought this point to the attention of the international community Ten days after the statement, they tried to cross the territory of Azerbaijan illegally and engage in terrorism. However, our victorious army destroyed them and were arrested others. Ilham Aliyev gave a necessary lesson to others by stating that these people were not prisoners of war, citing his resolute stance in the face of international pressure. As the head of state himself said: Azerbaijan has already created new realities, Armenia and other countries have to reckon with these realities. ”

The Exspert add that The President of Azerbaijan clarified many issues at this press conference: He spoke about from the conditions created by the pandemic the unfair distribution of vaccines in the world, and the fact that Azerbaijan was the first country in the South Caucasus to start vaccination. Emphasized the points of injustice, condemned the countries that took such a step as Canada. I would like to conclude with the remarks of Hikmet Hajiyev who is  Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan, Head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Presidential Administration. This press conference coincides with the 29th anniversary of the Khojaly tragedy. This conference is an important victory in conveying the truth to the international community. “


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