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The student of Zagatala branch of UNEC who showed the highest results at the exams will get the education in Baku within one semester


The rector, professor Adalat Muradov has met with the students at Zagatala branch of UNEC.

The rector, speaking about the advantages of the Electronic University model applied at UNEC, noted that this system would be implemented soon in the branch, as well. He noted that, all the conditions would be created to examine the students in the centralized test mode to ensure the efficiency, transparency and objectivity in the examinations.

A.Muradov informed the students about the Intra-university Double Diploma program successfully applied at UNEC. He said that, the program designed to provide the students with the degree in two different specialties within four years, would be implemented  in the branch, as well.

In the meeting, were made the proposals to improve the work of student organizations. It was emphasized that, the visit to the branch of the active students studying at UNEC would be organized. The suggestions made by the rector on granting the special scholarships to encourage the students, who showed the highest results in the exam semester and the opportunity for one student to study in Baku within one semester caused the special interest of the participants of the meeting.

Speaking about the measures to attract more students to the branch, the rector said that in the next academic year would be organized the visits to the best schools in Georgia and the region teaching in the Azerbaijani language. A.Muradov, pointing out that the establishment of the library in the branch meeting the modern requirements was on the agenda, offered to conduct the survey among the pedagogical staff and the students. Preparing the list of needed books, based on the results of the survey, the library fund would be further enriched.

The member of the UNEC Public Supervisory Board, Merited Scientist, the professor Shahlar Asgarov expressed his satisfaction with the acquaintance with the branch and underlined, that the very high-level university started to be emerged in Zagatala region. He noted the great political, economic and cultural significance of Zagatala branch of UNEC. Sh.Asgarov highly appreciated the auditoriums, canteen and dormitory conditions of the branch, emphasized that the ethical norms he had observed in Baku in the examination process were fully respected and the objectivity and transparency were chosen as the main priority directions.

Within the framework of the visit the rector met with the academic-teaching staff of the branch. A.Muradov emphasized the importance of application the intellectual property of UNEC, the Differential Wage System to ensure the motivation of the pedagogical staff in the branch, to strengthen the conditions for the healthy competition among the teachers in the field of science, teaching and self-development. The rector said that, their attendance the winter school organized in February in UNEC Guba Training, Sport and Recreation Center for further increasing the academic potential of teachers would be ensured.

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