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The members of the Board: the paucity of appeals indicates the quality of education


The “Open door”day with the participation of the members of the Public Supervisory Board was held at UNEC.

On the “Open door” day, for the first time only the members of the UNEC Public Supervisory Board received the appeals of the students and parents. The members of the Board after receiving the appeals related to the exams, met with the rector of UNEC, professor Adalat Muradov for taking appropriate measures to investigate the appeals and resolve them.

Within the meeting, the university management was informed about the appeals received in the “Open door”. It was noted that, the appeals were mainly related to attendance limit, the copying cases and upgrading of the results of the exams. The rector suggested to establish the appropriate commission with the participation of the members of the Board to ensure resolving and objective investigation of the appeals.

The members of the Board sharing their impressions related to the “Open door” day, pointed out that the number of appeals this year decreased significantly in comparison with the previous years, and appreciated it as the positive outcome of the work done to improve the quality of teaching at UNEC.

It should be noted that, the members of the UNEC Public Supervisory Board are – the member of the Parliament Hikmat Babaoghlu, the honored science worker, professor Shahlar Asgarov, the head of the “XXI Century” Educational Center Public Association Etibar Aliyev, the deputy director of “Trend” the news agency Arzu Naghıyev, the head of the Constitution Researches Foundation, the member of the joint group for Human rights Alimammad Nuriyev, the head of the Public Association “Azerbaijan National Development Project”, the director of the “Youth, Science and Education” department of Public (“İctimai”) Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Rauf Rajabov, the Executive director of the Information Agency “Ses” (“Voice”) Vali Valiyev, the head of the Citizens’ Labour Rights League Sahib

Mammadov, the chairman of the Parliamentary Journalists’ Union, the general director of the Media Group “Modern” Elshad Eyvazlı, the chairman of the Public Association “Independent Teachers” Malahat Murshudlu and the correspondent of the “525-th newspaper” Sevinj Garayeva.

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