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The meeting with the ambassadors of quality of UNEC


The rector of UNEC, professor Adalat Muradov has met with the amabassadors of quality.

The rector, noting that the quality of teaching is one of the main targets of UNEC, highly appreciated the activity of the quality ambassadors in this direction and emphasized the importance of institutionalization of the quality assarance mechanism for the further improvement of the work. Pointing out that, the ambassadors of quality will be selected on the basis of certain criteria, A. Muradov underlined that during the election, their place in the Differential Wages System would be taken as one of the key criteria. The rector noted that other universities could be benefited from the project the author of which was UNEC.

Within the meeting the negative and positive points observed during the educational process were discussed and were made the proposals to improve the teaching process. Taking into the account that, the Public Supervision Board will operate not only within the exams, but throughout the entire academic year at the UNEC, they were offered to observe the lessons along with the ambassadors of quality. In addition, there were proposals for the ambassadors of quality to conduct their activities in Zagatala branch of UNEC and the Financial Economics College, to organize according to the results of monitoring, the high-performance teachers’ model lessons, to conduct trainings for teachers to improve their professional activities.

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