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The future priorities of UNEC young scientists have been identified


The UNEC rector, the professor Adalat Muradov met with the members of the Young Scientists’ Board.

The rector evaluated the creation of the Young Scientists’ Board at UNEC, which targeted to become the research oriented university, as one of the important steps taken in this direction, and emphasized the importance of improving the work of the Board at the next stage. A. Muradov noted that, the number of scientific papers of the UNEC scientists, published in the prestigious international scientific magazines had increased dramatically over the recent years, and added that it was also necessary to increase the research that could have the special focus of the society.

The rector of UNEC highlighted the increasing competition among scientists and the expansion of scientific activity after application of Differential Wages System and emphasized that the projects were being implemented on the regular basis to stimulate the pedagogical staff and increase their scientific potential. He underlined that, every year the young teachers conducted the scientific research at the prestigious universities of Europe and Turkey, participated in the research projects and joined the certification programs. A. Muradov, noting that about 10 research centers were functioning at UNEC, spoke about the importance of forming the specialized centers for the specific research areas, and said that at the next stage, the “monetary economy” and the “economic clinics” centers would be established.

In the meeting the views were exchanged on the creation of the favorable conditions for the fundamental and applied scientific researches. The specialization of the young scientists in the specific research areas, continuous improvement of research skills and the research grants from local and the international donors are defined as the priority directions of the future activities of the board. At the same time, was emphasized the importance of using the vast potential of the young UNEC scientists in translating into Azerbaijani the new books, published abroad in various fields of the economy.

The young scientists made proposals for promotion of the scientific researches. They chose the members for the new Management Board, the Deputy Chairman of the Board and the coordinators to lead the specific directions within the board for improving the activity of the board. Thus, afterwards five coordinators in scientific research projects, scientific events, scientific publications, monitoring and public relations and the international relations will perform their duties within the board.

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