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The exhibited objects of the Museum of Independence of Azerbaijan at UNEC: “The Republic 100”


The photo-exhibition consisted of show-pieces of the Museum of Independence of Azerbaijan is being held at UNEC.

At the exhibition dedicated to the 100-th anniversary of the Azerbaijani Democratic Republic, the photographs of the founders of the Republic, soldiers and officers, as well as, the important documents of that period are demonstrated. The show-pieces, caused the great interest of students will be exhibited at all campuses of UNEC, in Zagatala Branch and the Finance and Economics College.

It should be noted that, the UNEC Action Plan has been approved concerning the celebration of the 100-th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. According to the document, at UNEC will be organized the scientific conferences, workshops, open lessons and the round tables dedicated to the “Socio-economic development of Azerbaijan within the period of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic”. In the action plan, it has been planned to hold the forum of the alumni of the “State Program on Education of the Azerbaijani Youth Abroad in the years of 2007-2015” on the topic “ The Education of Youth Abroad in the period of Azerbaijani Democratic Republic”.

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