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The book dedicated to the April martyrs was presented at UNEC


The presentation of the book “Our heroes are our blood memory”was made at UNEC.

The book compiled by the Social Community of “Alumni of Turkish Universities” and with the financial support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport was dedicated to the memory of April martyrs.

The associated professor, prorector for work with students Saadat Gandilova noted that, the April fights demontrated the strength of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, the combat capability of the soldiers and officers, and the professionalism of the army. The prorector, noted that two UNEC alumni Tural Dadashov and Mahir Mirzoyev were martyred heroically during the April fights, emphasized that the publication of such books as the “Our heroes are our blood memory” were of great importance in the growth of the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism.

The head of the Department of the Ministry of Defence, Colonel Rauf Demirov spoke about the successful results of the April battles and stressed the historical significance of these battles. Was noted that, the April fights were the heroic history demonstrating the power of the Azerbaijani army. R.Demirov stressed the confidence that the occupied Azerbaijani territories would be soon liberated in the result of the purposeful policy of President Ilham Aliyev.

The chairman of the Social Community of “Alumni of Turkish Universities” Chingiz Bayramov spoke about the glorious April battles, which was one of the vivid historical victories of the Azerbaijani army, and noted that the presented book was the fist encyclopaedic publication about the sons of the motherland, who were martyred at the peak of heroism during the April battles. Ali Mammadov, the head of Patriotism and Civic Education department of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, spoke about the achievements of the army during the April fights and called on young people to heroism and patriotism. “The April battles are one of the brightest pages of the military history of our people”, said the chairman of the Azerbaijani Young Scientist, the Doctor of Philosophy, the chairman of the Society for post-graduate and master’s degree level students, Ilqar Orujov.

Kamala Dadashova, the mother of UNEC alumni – the April martyr Tural Dadashov, Sabir Mirzoyev, the father of UNEC alumni and the April martyr Mahir Mirzoyev shared their memories of their sons. The parents noted that the names of their sons, who were martyred during the April battles were always dearly praized and spoke about the state’s care for martyr familis.

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