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The artist awarded the special prize of UN


The personal exhibition of Seyran Jafarli, the employee of the Marketig and Communication department of UNEC opened in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

In the exibition, organized by the support of the European Caricature Center located in Brussels, were demonstrated more than 130 caricatures of S. Jafarli wining in the international competitions. The caricatures watched with great interest were mainly devoted to the social and environmental issues.

The exhibition will be open until April 8.

S.Jafarli started his creative activity in magazine “Kirpi” in 1982 and in 2002 he created the Union of Caricaturists of Azerbaijan. At present he is the director of the “Humortoons International Cartoon News Centre” and the editor-in-chief of the international caricature magazine “Humor”. He has been the jury member for more than 42 international caricature competition. Over than 1000 works have been exhibited in the international caricature competitions and published in the albums. He has received more than 100 international awards, including the UN special prize.

The personal exhibition of S.Jafarli were organized in Belgium, Turkey, France and Iran. His caricatures were exhibited in the international competitions held in China, Colombia, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Japan and other countries.

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