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The academic advising in the doctoral education at UNEC: the current situation and the ways of improving


The representatives of the French University of Montpellier visited the the UNEC within the framework of the project “NİZAMİ – the Reconsrtuction and Development of the Doctoral Education in Azerbaijan in accordance with the requirements of the European Higher Education”.

Within the visit, the prorector of the Montpellier Unversity, the professor Francois Henn met with the academic-teaching satff of UNEC. The guest, expressing the satisfaction with being at UNEC, highly appreciated the coopertaion with this university. Speaking about the importance of the double diploma agreement between UNEC and Montpellier University, F.Henn noted that the program was succesfully continued. He noted that, currently 17 students of UNEC were participating in the double diploma program.

The French guest talked about the rules of the establishment and organization of the doctoral studies in the Europe and clarified ther financial sources. The professor, speaking about the determining of the academic supervisor, highlighted the important conditions for the selection. He emphasized the importance of signing the contract between the academic supervisor and the doctoral student. F.Henn, pointing out that the scientific activities the PhD students should be aimed at the development of the country, and he said that the quality of their reseacrh works played the important role in the rating of the higher education institution they represented.

In the meeting, was conducted the comparative analysis of the doctorate education in Azerbaijan and Europe, and was discussed the current situation, exchanged the views on improving this sphere.

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