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The 20-th January has been written in our history as a day of unity and honour


The event was held in front of the UNEC Memorial Complex on the occasion of the 28-th anniversry of the 20-th January activities. Along with the university staff, the family members of student and allumni martyrs participated in the event.

At first, the memory of martyrs who had lost their lives for the freedom of the country was commemorated with a minute of silence.

The rector of UNEC, professor Adalat Muradov noted that, 20-th January along with being the Day of National Mourning had been written as the day of unity and honour in the history of our people, who fought for the independence of Azerbaijan. Speaking about the political-legal assessement of the 20-th Jnuary events, the rector emphasized that the legal assessment of the events had been given only after coming to the power of the Nationwide Leader Heydar Aliyev. The Great Leader puting his life into danger, on January 21-st, 1990 came to the Permanent Mission of Azerbaijan in Moscow and demanded the objective investigation of the taken place tragedy and punishment of the preparators.

The rector, stressing that, the memory of the martyrs has always been commemorated at UNEC with respect and dearly, said that he considered them the source of pride of the university.

The family members of the eternal students of UNEC, the martyrs – Etibar Aliyev and Habil Azizov shared their memories about them. They emphasized that the memorial complex for honour of young-martyrs, desired to be the students of this university from childhood, had been overtoped in the most prominent place of the university, and the UNEC always revered them. The families of martyrs said that the events of 20-th January were the glorious history of the Azerbaijani people written with blood and highly appreciated the care and attention paid by the state towards them.

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