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Safar Sadigi: The presidential election will demonstrate the whole world that Azerbaijan is a peaceful, democratic and stable country


“I believe that on April 11, 2018 the Azerbaijani citizens would actively participate in the presidential election and elect the worthy candidate to head the country for a new term. In this regard, the presidential election will once again show the world Azerbaijan’s commitment to democratic values. Azerbaijan has always demonstrated political will to hold democratic elections in line with international standards,” Vice-President of the Congress of European Azerbaijanis, Chairman of the Azerbaijani Vatan Society in Denmark Safar Sadigi has told

Safar Sadigi noted that the conditions created in the Independent Media Center to give international media free and easy access to information and provide better services to other participants of the election process is the indicative of the fact that the election process is being held under democratic conditions. “International organizations and representatives of foreign countries also appreciate this,’ he said.

Safar Sadiqi expressed his confidence that the international observers’ final conclusions on the election process in Azerbaijan would be positive and Azerbaijan would be promoted to the world as a peaceful, democratic and stable country.

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