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Russia’s destructive activities in Karabakh recently have been supplemented by its work in Armenia


“Discussions are underway to move part of Russia’s military base in Armenia to the east of the country. After the final agreement is reached, it is planned to permanently deploy one of the units of the 102nd base on the border with Azerbaijan – in the direction of Karabakh. I am personally surprised and concerned by this planning, the statements made, as well as Russia’s views on the modernization of the Armenian army. ”

This opinion was expressed to by the chairman of the Modern Development Union, political commentator Mubariz Goyushlu.

He noted that while Armenia’s sick territorial claims against our country continue, we have the right to look for dubious points in these activities.

“Because it was stated at the highest level that Azerbaijan has no intention to attack Armenia. Even when Armenia responded to the provocation in the direction of the Tovuz region of our state border last year, official Baku stated that it was defending its territory and had no intention of attacking the other side. It happened as stated. Even after the end of the last operations, Azerbaijan stood on the border with Armenia, in the place of the former Soviet Union. Azerbaijan has proved that it does not claim anyone’s land, not only with statements, but also with these practical steps.

It is surprising that after so many statements and practical steps, Russia wants to bring part of the 102nd base to the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. Of course, the territory belongs to Armenia. It is up to Armenia to decide how to place Armenia, which acts as a remote, small and poor Russian province. However, if we take into account that Armenia had a territorial claim to Azerbaijan, which caused great damage to our country due to these sick claims, and today those unfounded claims continue – then it is necessary to look for dubious points in these activities.

The behavior of Russian peacekeepers, who allowed a march in Karabakh and Khankendi on February 20, caused great public discontent. The participation of the “peacekeeper” priest in the action, as well as their full support for the inciting action, shows that the situation is not so heartwarming. In such circumstances, the statements to bring the Russian base in Armenia to the border with Azerbaijan indicate Russia’s desire to start a new game. This part of the border with Armenia is Azerbaijan, Karabakh. Questions about Russia’s intentions will be answered soon. But regardless of the answers to these questions, Russia must not forget that neither Azerbaijan is as it was 30 years ago, nor Russia is able to be so hegemonic. Moreover, there is another changing reality. There is also Turkey in the region, which is a member of NATO, ranks first among the world countries with its army and equipment, and unequivocally supports Azerbaijan, said” Mubariz Goyushlu.


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