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President of Azerbaijan: Armenia has become a dead end


Armenia has become a political, economic, energy and transportation dead-end, said Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev, addressing the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the results of socio-economic development of the first quarter of 2018 and future tasks.

The head of state stressed that now everyone sees that Armenia has become a hostage and a victim of its aggressive policy. He emphasized that no one appears to have any interest in this country, no one now invests in Armenia. In comparison, in the first quarter of this year, $3,5 billion have been invested in Azerbaijan’s economy, majority of which is foreign investments. In Armenia’s economy it was invested some $200 million, a great share of which is from Armenian diaspora.

“We could isolate them from all international projects, all energy and transport lines bypass them, and we did it”, the President said. “We are keeping and will further keep them in isolation until our lands are liberated from the occupation. This policy gives its results,” the President stressed. “As a result of our efforts, Armenia has become political, economic, energy and transportation dead-end, and of course, its future growth is dark,” President Aliyev said. “We do not hide this. And this policy will be continued until the conflict will find its fair solution, territorial integrity of our country is restored, the compatriots return to their homelands. This is our top priority for which we are mobilizing all our resources”.

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