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PACE corruption report is rather accusation than suspicion – Azerbaijani MP


The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) corruption report is rather an accusation than suspicion, Azerbaijani MP Sevinj Fataliyeva said during the PACE spring session in Strasbourg April 26.

Fataliyeva noted that the PACE corruption report is a vivid example that freedom, real democracy and justice no longer dominate in the organization.

“Here in PACE, in our work, we have always relied on real facts and not on rumors,” she said. “The lack of logic, serious approach in this report make me come to the conclusion that the need to blackmail my country is absolutely obvious. I assure you that Azerbaijan will never abandon the democratic path of development. Despite these unfair games and pressure, we will adhere to democratic values. We welcome this report, because the initiative is excellent, but the report has no real facts. I speak on behalf of the Azerbaijani people, and all these years, you, my colleagues, have been turning a deaf ear to our voices.”

“We shout about the occupation of our land by another state – Armenia, it is the voice of justice, but you don’t want to hear the truth,” Fataliyeva said. “Therefore, democracy, justice and transparency remain in question in this organization, and this undermines its credibility.”

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