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PACE adopts Azerbaijan’s report on regulations against trade in goods used for torture


A report on ‘Improvement of the international rules against the death penalty and trade in goods used during torture’ presented by member of Azerbaijani delegation Vusal Huseynov was heard and adopted at the PACE winter session Jan. 26.

Huseynov’s report was adopted unanimously.

Addressing the session, Huseynov called for strengthening the existing mechanisms to combat trade in goods used during torture.

He stressed that European countries are obliged not only to strengthen these mechanisms, but expand their application and make them more effective.

“The member-states of the Council of Europe should not allow torture both in their and other countries,” he said. “This problem should be solved at the international level. If the member-states of the Council of Europe do not supply the goods used during the torture to non-European countries, it will be possible to prevent executions and tortures in these countries.”

Speaking about the recent measures taken to combat torture and the death penalty, he added that those measures are not enough and there are still cases when European countries sell goods used in torture.

The Azerbaijani delegation headed by chairman of the parliamentary committee on international and interparliamentary relations, Samad Seyidov, has been participating in the PACE winter session in Strasbourg since Jan. 21.

The delegation includes chairman of the parliamentary committee on culture Rafael Huseynov, MPs – Sahiba Gafarova, Sevinj Fataliyeva, Ganira Pashayeva, Ulviya Agayeva, Sabir Hajiyev, Elshad Hasanov, Vusal Huseynov, Fazil Mustafa, Asim Mollazade and Rovshan Rzayev.

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