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OSCE PA president talks Azerbaijan’s importance for Silk Road


Azerbaijan is an important member of the Silk Road Support Group of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (PA), OSCE PA President George Tsereteli told reporters in Baku March 13.

He said the OSCE PA has a big delegation from Azerbaijan, which makes good initiatives, including the development of a special group to support the Silk Road project.

“We see the first results of these efforts, which were supported by many members of the Parliamentary Assembly and by many delegations. Currently, 22 countries are members of this group. It is very important to speed up these projects, as these are ambitious and courageous initiatives. Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey are developing a concrete and extremely important part of the Silk Way project – the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars,” Tsereteli added.

He noted that the link between cities and societies, which will be beneficial for the development of business and increase employment, is also important.

Therefore, political support for projects that will bring prosperity and security to the region is very important, the OSCE PA president added.

He also said Azerbaijan makes a significant contribution to these projects.

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