Nigar Narimanbayova’s “Fantasy” exhibited in Paris


Work by the world-famous Azerbaijani artist was presented in Paris, France. Nigar Narimanbayova’s “Fantasy” painting was displayed at  Art Capital 2018 exhibition.

She became the first Azerbaijani artist whose work has been exhibited in the salon of French Artists’ Society, founded by King Louis XIV in 1663.

Narimanbayova’s works have always been met with interest by French art lovers.

Famous for her brilliant works, the artist lives and works in Baku and Paris. She graduated from Azerbaijan State Art school named after Azimzade and All-Union state Institute of cinematography. S. A. Gerasimov in Moscow.

Her famous painting ‘Marionette’, which enters the artist’s series of paintings ‘Love Toys’, won the main prize of the Salon of independent artists – TOILE D’OR 2016.

The painting ‘Adagio’ received the prize of the Salon of independent artists – TOILE D’OR 2016.

Nigar Narimanbayova’s five paintings including ‘The Puppet’, ‘Kiss of a Nymph’, ‘Magic of the Night’, ‘Broken Wings’ and ‘Confession of a Mermaid’ were also displayed at the largest international exhibition of contemporary art Salon Business Art Fair 2017.

She was awarded with an honorary diploma signed by the commissioner of the salon Georges Levy and art magazine La Gazette Des Arts, with inscription “For the creation of a magical unique world filled with fairy tales and magic”

Narimanbayova is a member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan and the International Association of Art. Her paintings are displayed in the exhibition halls of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Culture and Tourism, National Museum of Art of Azerbaijan as well as in private collections.

Art en capital” is one of the most important and expected events in the artistic life of Europe and the world. The exhibition consists of four largest salons – the Salon of French Artists, the Salon of Independent Artists, the Salon of Watercolors and the Salon of Komarezon.

Open to the general public since 2006, the fair brings together artists from all different backgrounds and has become a reference point for the promotion of the current art scene.

Many different fairs are held as part of this event, including the Drawing and Water Painting Fair which presents works in pastel, charcoal, pencil, watercolour and even silk paper sculptures.

Art  lovers have a chance to enjoy the works of 2,000 painters, sculptors, photographers, architects, engravers and so on until February 18.

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