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Next training on the innovations about Unified Registration System and the National Digital Memory Database


Workshop on “Problems of correction, editing and bibliographic records in the cataloging notes within the Unified Registration System” was held for employees of the Library Service Department at the Central Scientific Library of ANAS.

The training was conducted by Ahadova Gunel, head of the department of ” Monitoring and Coordination on Information Resources.” The purpose of the training provided by the Library Service Department and Programmers Department was to train staff on innovations in the modules of cataloging of the automated library management system. Based on the new requirements for the National Digital Memory Database, trainings were distributed to English and Russian in order to select the correct and complete selection of the annotation and keywords of the selected documents in three languages. Finally, the sides exchanged views on the subject and clarified questions.

In the Central Scientific Library, in the end of 2017, keywords in Azerbaijani literature written in NDM are also given in Russian and English. It should be noted that the National Digital Resource Center of CSL hosts documents reflecting the ancient culture, history, ethnography, archeology, statehood, legislation, demographic and statistical status of Azerbaijan. The Unified Registration System was developed and put into use by CSL’s employees in March-April 2016.

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