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National Museum of History of Azerbaijan hosted an event titled “Our flag is our source of pride!”


National Museum of Azerbaijan History of ANAS hosts regular events on national enlightenment. The next event, “Our flag is our pride,” is dedicated to the promotion of the moral values ​​of the State Flag.

First, the National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan was performed.

The event was organized by the “Innovative Initiative” Public Union. The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Education, Institute of Human Rights of ANAS, NGO representatives, as well as teachers and pupils of city schools.

It was noted that the Presidential Decree signed in 2009 as the National Flag Day on November 9 is a practical demonstration of the state care for our national flag.

Later, the students presented poetry and songs on the flag, patriotism and presented literary and artistic compositions.

At the end, talented students, teachers and public representatives were awarded certificates on behalf of the “Innovative Initiatives” Public Union for their active participation in the series of events called “Our flag is our source of pride.”

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