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Moscow region to use Baku’s experience in urban planning, agricultural development


The Moscow region will take advantage of Azerbaijan’s experience in urban improvement and agricultural development, the region’s Governor Andrei Vorobyov told the Moscow-Baku portal.

He said that Moscow region has good relations with all fraternal countries, including Azerbaijan.

Vorobyov noted that he recently visited Azerbaijan to study the country’s experience in agricultural sphere.

“Azerbaijan is a strong agricultural power. Many Azerbaijani products are also supplied to the capital region of Russia. The task of the Moscow region is also to develop this direction,” he said.

The governor noted that they grow vegetables – cucumbers, tomatoes, and Azerbaijani colleagues are also involved in this business.

It is important that every investor, whether he is local or foreign, should feel comfortable and protected both in Russia and Azerbaijan, Vorobyov added.

The governor also said that he studied Baku’s experience in urban planning, visited the Old City and magnificent seafront.

“These parts of the Azerbaijani capital, of course, are luxurious. We are also on the way to improve the suburbs. I think that we could take advantage of Baku’s good experience in this direction. Moreover, President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his message to the Federal Assembly stressed the need for improvement of cities, and public spaces in cities.”

Vorobyov emphasized that the topic of environmental protection is also relevant for Moscow region, Baku and Azerbaijan as a whole.

“This topic is really very sensitive and we are working on it,” he added.

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