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Lyon Uinversity teacher: “UNEC winter school were the most valuable days of my teaching experience”


UNEC Winter school has been completed.

The members of the UNEC Public Supervisory Board – the Merited scientist, professor Shahlar Askerov, the head of the “XXI Century” Educational Center Public Association Etibar Aliyev, the chairman of the Parliamentary Journalists’ Union, the general director of the Media Group “Modern” Elshad Eyvazlı, the head of the Citizens’ Lbour Rights League Sahib Mammadov and the chairman of the Public Association “Independent Teachers” Malahat Murshudlu participated in the trainings delivered by the world scientists at the winter school held to raise the academic and pedagogical potential of the UNEC academic and teaching staff.

The professor Shahlar Askerov spoke on the topic “Philosophy of knowledge assessment” and “Econophysics”. The professor explained the essence of the knowledge assessment in his report and emphasized that, the econophysics in European countries was taught as the subject. The book of Sh. Askerov “Improving humanity” was presented to the teachers actively particiaped in the discussion.

The merited scientist highly appreciated the organization of winter school: “The Winter schoool has benefited from different point of views. The influential scientists from around the world have made the presentations on the interesting topics. The trainings attended by more than hundred UNEC teachers are the factors that directly contribute to improving the quality of education and professional training. As the expert, I welcome this process”.

Jill Sperandio, the professor at the Leigh University in the United States, participating as the trainer at the Winter School, noted that the exchange of views with the academic-teaching staff of UNEC was very effective, and edded that she was very pleased to be acquianted with the members of the UNEC Public Supervisory Board, as well: “Particularly, I would like to emphasize that my acquiantance with Shahlar Askerov, whose scientific research work was involved in the work of the organisation NASA of America was unexpected for me. Azerbaijan has very vauable scientists!”

Jennifer Veillon, the teacher at the French University of Lyon, also shared her impressions. “This one-week training spent in Azerbaijan, were the most precious days of my teaching experience”, J.Veillon said and added that she had had the great experience with the awesome people at the winter school. She noted that she was eagely awaiting the day when she would be able to meet with this staff again and would be pleased to continue coopertaing with UNEC.

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