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Kyrgyz, Uzbek PMs discuss deadly border incident


Prime ministers of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, Abdullah Aripov and Sapar Isakov held a phone discussion on the incident that occurred on April 7 on the Uzbek-Kyrgyz border, causing the death of a citizen of Kyrgyzstan.

The parties agreed to hold meetings at the level of heads of border services of the two countries as well as other relevant departments on April 9 to solve the issue, the press service of the Kyrgyz government said in a message.

A joint working group will conduct a thorough investigation of the incident and report on the results in the near future.

The incident occurred near ​​Mamay Aksy in Jalal-Abad Region of Kyrgyzstan. As the Kyrgyz frontier guards reported, Uzbek servicemen used weapons against a Kyrgyz citizen who was in the territory of Kyrgyzstan. The injured man died in a hospital in the Kyrgyz city of Kerben.

The Uzbek side refutes this information. Sources in law enforcement agencies of Uzbekistan inform that the Kyrgyz citizen illegally crossed the state border of Uzbekistan.

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