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Israeli MP impressed with Azerbaijan’s technology covering presidential election


Azerbaijan has perfectly coped with such an important task as the organization of the presidential election, Israeli Knesset member Konstantin Yoel Razvozov, who is observing the presidential election in the country, told on April 11.

“So far, we have visited several polling stations in two and a half hours. I can say that the election process is running smoothly and without any violations,” he said.

Razvozov noted that the voter turnout is quite high and different observers monitor the election.

“The web technologies, the way polling stations are equipped particularly impress. All this suggests that the right organization was ensured for holding of the transparent election,” Razvozov said.

The Israeli MP believes that many countries could learn from Azerbaijan’s experience of organizing the presidential election.

“I believe that here I will also be able to gain the necessary experience in order to make useful suggestions on how to properly prepare the organizational process for such a serious event as the presidential election upon arrival in Israel. According to my observations, Azerbaijan has perfectly coped with this important task,” he said.

Azerbaijan is holding presidential election today, on April 11. Eight candidates are registered for participating in the elections.

On the voting day, 5,426 permanent polling stations and 215 temporary polling stations in 125 constituencies are operating in the country.

Web cameras have been installed in 1,000 polling stations in 119 electoral districts. During the day, the voting process can be observed online from the website of the Central Election Commission (CEC).

The election is observed by 894 international observers (61 organizations, 59 countries) and 58,175 local observers.

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