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Institute of Geography celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic


An event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) was held at the Institute of Geology named after H.Aliyev of ANAS.

The director of the institute, academician Ramiz Mammadov spoke about the history of ADR and noted that the Republic has made a great contribution to the cultural development, science and education. He underlined that according to the Order of the President “On the 100th Anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic” dated May 16, 2017, a series of events were held in all scientific and educational institutions, state and private organizations.

The scientist emphasized that the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan should be studied in two directions – the history of creation and independence.

Then the head of the Department of Ecology of the Institute, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor Anvar Aliyev made a presentation on “The glorious page of our history”. He highlighted the key moments of the Azerbaijani Republic’s history. The speaker spoke about the genocide and atrocities committed by the Armenian dashnaks against the Azerbaijanis during the same period and noted the significant rounds of the Turkish army in the cleaning of our territories.

A.Aliyev considered the establishment of “History of Statehood” museum, which perpetuates the traditions and symbols of Azerbaijan history.

Later, MP Tahir Karimli assessed the president’s declaration as the “Year of the People’s Republic of Azerbaijan” in 2018 as a historic event, stressing that this decision is a high value given to the history of statehood of the Azerbaijani people, ancient and statehood traditions.

The event was attended by the chairman of the Trade Union of the Institute, Ph.D. in geography Habil Hagverdiyev, Ph.D. in geography. Etibar Badalov, head of the vice-president of the institute Aida Aslanova and others.

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