Foreign Ministry talks Azerbaijan being among countries with terrorism threat


Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry has commented on the country’s inclusion in the US State Department list of countries where there is threat of terrorism.

The ministry said in a message that Azerbaijan strongly condemns all forms and manifestations of terrorism.

“It is very surprising that the US included Azerbaijan in this category, whereas in recent years, the tourist inflow has increased by 24 percent in the country, the number of foreign citizens arriving in Azerbaijan has exceeded 2.7 million people, the country held the first European Games, 4th Islamic Solidarity Games, the Formula 1 race, events on intercultural and interfaith dialogue and other high-level prestigious political, economic, sporting and cultural events,” said the ministry in its message.

Along with these events, meetings between the chiefs of the General Staff of the United States and Russia, the heads of NATO military committee and the chief of the General Staff of Russia were held in Azerbaijan, says the message.

Along with other factors, the holding of such prestigious events by Azerbaijan is related to ensuring high-level stability, security and public order in the country, according to the message.

“The Azerbaijani government fully controls the security situation and the operational situation in the country, excluding the Azerbaijani territories occupied by the Armenian armed forces. The continuation of occupation of the Azerbaijani territories by Armenia continues to be the main threat to peace and security in the region,” said the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.

The US State Department has prepared recommendations for informing American tourists about the safety risks when traveling to foreign countries. Azerbaijan is included in the second category of countries with risk for American tourists, in other words, in the list of countries, visiting which tourists must be extremely cautious.

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