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Festive events dedicated prominent Turkic scientist Shihabetdin Marjani


Festive events dedicated to the 200th anniversary of prominent Turkic scientist Shihabetdin Marjani have started in Tatarstan.

In particular, an exhibition titled “Shihabetdin Marjani and his heritage” was opened at the National Museum of theRepublic of Tatarstan in Kazan. There are manuscripts and books of the great thinker, as well as his personal belongings at the exhibition, which has generated great interest among the residents of the city. Among the most valuable exhibits are Marjani’s photograph taken in 1874 and a personal stamp made of the rock crystal in Istanbul in 1864-1865.

According to the researchers, he put this stamp on all his books.

Moreover, documents of Tatarstan’s State Archives constituting Marjani’s activity and works are presented to the publicfor the first time.

In addition, the National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan holds a book exhibition titled “The Pearl of the Tatar people”, whereall works of the scientist are presented. Along with the manuscripts and editions from the library’s fund, there are also articles about Marjani published in the Ang, Shura, Suumbikemagazinesin the beginning of 20th century.

It is worth noting that various events dedicated to 200th anniversary of Sh. Marjani are expected to continue throughout the year.

Shihabetdin Marjani (1818-1889) was a thinker, orientalist, Turkologist, philosopher, historian and educator of allTurkic peoples. He wrote only two of all his 29 works in Tatar language: “The Curtain that Closes the History of Bulgar and Kazan,” (1870, “Ғилалат аз –заман фи тарихи Бұлғар ва Казан”) and “The Collection of Facts from the History of Kazan and Bulgar” (“Мұстафад әл-ахбар фи ахвали Қазан уә Бұлғар”). All his other works are in Arabic.

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