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European Committee of Regions: Results of presidential election reflect Azerbaijani people’s will


The monitoring mission of members of the European Committee of the Regions believes that the presidential election held in Azerbaijan on April 11 are legitimate, a mission member, member of the European Committee of the Regions from Estonia Mart Vorklaev said.

He noted that the election was held peacefully and transparently. The rights of voters for free voting were secured. The election results reflect the will of the Azerbaijani people, he noted.

“Upon completion of the voting, the members of the monitoring mission observed the counting of the final votes in three polling stations. Other observers were monitoring the process of counting votes, ” Vorklaev said.

He further noted that there was high electoral activity in the election, the voting process was well conducted from the technical and organizational point of view. In all areas where the observation team visited, web cameras were installed to monitor the voting process online.

Azerbaijan held presidential election on April 11.

Eight candidates were registered for the election. Six of the candidates were nominated by political parties, one candidate was a self-nominee and another candidate was nominated by an initiative group.

The incumbent head of state, Chairman of the New Azerbaijan Party Ilham Aliyev has garnered 86.03 percent of votes in the election.

The election was observed by 894 international observers (61 organizations, 59 countries) and 58,175 local observers.

The voter turnout was 74.51 percent.

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