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Early presidential election can positively affect resolution of several important issues


The early presidential election in Azerbaijan can have a positive impact on resolution of several important issues, said Arzu Nagiyev, a political analyst and deputy director general of Trend News Agency.

He reminded that the decision of the head of state to hold early election in the country is completely in line with the legislation of Azerbaijan.

“President Ilham Aliyev has appointed the date of the presidential election within the framework of his powers and in accordance with the Constitution of Azerbaijan. The early presidential election is expedient for several reasons. As you know, parliamentary election will be held in the country in 2025. Due to the fact that presidential election is held every seven years it can coincide with the parliamentary election. The second important factor is that this year, along with Azerbaijan, election will be held in three other countries of the region – Russia, Armenia and Georgia. Some of them are scheduled for March and April. The presidential election will be held on March 2, and the Constitutional powers will be transferred to the Prime Minister on April 9 in Armenia. The 2018 Russian presidential election will take place on March 18. Another reason for the appointment of early presidential election in Azerbaijan is linked with preventing the political leadership of Armenia from dragging out the process of negotiations on the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict under the pretext of the forthcoming presidential election in Azerbaijan in October, “he said.

Nagiyev further said that the appointment of early presidential election is also linked with holding of a number of important events, including international ones.

“In the second half of 2018, a number of events related to the TANAP and Shah Deniz-2 projects are planned, which also make the early presidential election expedient. In addition, this year our country marks the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijani Democratic Republic, which is why many foreign guests are expected to come to Azerbaijan and a large number of events are planned. That’s why, taking into account the fact that many important events are scheduled for the second half of the year, the appointment of presidential election for April is a thoughtful and correct step in the context of the formation of the government and resolving of other issues,” he stated.

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