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Digital Silk Way is key to prompt digitalization of Kazakhstan’s economy


In order to digitalize Kazakhstan’s economy as soon as possible, the ‘Realization of the Digital Silk Way’ course has been developed within the framework of Digital Kazakhstan state program, the Ministry of Digital Development, Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan told Trend.

According to the source in the ministry, within the implementation of the course, the broad bandwidth access of rural settlements to the internet will allow to maximize asses to the internet from home.

“In retrospect, the ‘Realization of the Digital Silk Way’ oversees initiatives, which include a number of events such as expansion of the mobile communication coverage and ICT infrastructure,” the report said.

This expansion will be achieved via a number of digital and infrastructure solutions, including broadband access (BBA), 4G network (5G) and KazSat-2R.

BBA is a broadband access to the internet that will be provided mostly via fiber-optical communication lines. 4G network (5G) is the most up-to-date generation of cellular network allowing for transfer of data at the speed higher than 100 Mbit/s. The 5G standard implementation is expected after 2020.

KazSat-2R is Kazakh communication satellite that will support mobile, satellite communication and television and radio broadcasting after 2023.

Currently, more than 100,000 people from over 55 rural settlements received BBA to the internet in 2018. According to the plans of the program, in early 2020, will be increased to more than 1.2 million people from more than 887 rural settlements.

Digital Kazakhstan program is a significant complex program, aiming on the elevation of living standards of country’s residents using digital techniques.

The major goals of the program have accelerated economy growth of Kazakhstan, upgraded the living standards and created conditions for transition on a fundamentally new pathway – future digital economy.


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