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CSL held a meeting with group members of the “Third Spring“ Social Project


A meeting was held in the Central Scientific Library of ANAS to discuss cooperation issues with the members of the Third Spring social project.

At the meeting, Director of the Central Scientific Library Leyla Imanova informed about the projects implemented by CSL and said that CSL will support the project, which will help them to achieve more successful results. The director of CSL, who presented the Latin alphabet books to the group, said that they would then present Cyrillic works, as well as audio CDs to support the elderly members of the Third Spring.

Natavan Yusifova, one of the founders of the Third Spring project, spoke about the activities of the organization. Expressing his gratitude for the books donated by CSL, she added that she would continue to cooperate in the future.

It should be noted that the social project “Third Spring” has been functioning since 2017. The main goal is to organize effective leisure time for older people and improve their social wellbeing. During the period the Group run a number of events and actions.

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