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Black January commemorated in Egypt


The Embassy of Azerbaijan in Egypt has organized a commemorative event on the 28th anniversary of January 20 tragedy.

The event was attended by the embassy employees, Azerbaijanis studying in Cairo, as well as diaspora representatives.

In his opening remarks, Azerbaijani ambassador Tural Rzayev described the Black January as a military aggression and crime committed by the USSR armed forces against the innocent citizens of Azerbaijan on January 20, 1990. He said that the national leader Heydar Aliyev fiercely condemned the bloodshed in a statement made at Azerbaijan`s representation in Moscow immediately after the tragedy.

Head of the “Patriot” diaspora organization of Azerbaijan in Egypt, researcher Seymur Nasirov shared his memories of the 20 January tragedy.

Following the speeches, the event participants observed a minute of silence for victims of the tragedy and viewed photo stands reflecting the bloody events.

Then a short documentary on Black January was screened.

The Egyptian Middle East News Agency and other influential media news outlets covered the event.

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