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Baku Media Center to be host broadcaster for 2018 UCI BMX World Championships


Baku Media Center will provide the host broadcast services for the 2018 UCI BMX World Championships, which will take place in Azerbaijan in June of this year.

This broadcast will enable sports lovers to watch live the Baku BMX 2018 races through leading sport channels.

The championship is organized by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and Azerbaijan Cycling Federation and this sporting event will be held on 5-9 June at Baku BMX Velopark. It is expected that about two thousand cyclists from more than 50 countries will participate in the championship.

During this prestigious international competition Baku Media Center will also provide video filming and photo taking services. Moreover, the Center will produce a promotional video before the championship starts and this promo video will be broadcast on leading sports channels.

The main shootings will be carried out by the 16 camera Mobile Television Complex. Moreover, the Center’s new technical equipment will be used in order to make better quality videos.

Baku Media Center is a leading and innovative media company producing audiovisual products in Azerbaijan. The center has extensive experience in broadcasting of a range of local and international events.

Prior to this, the Center had organized a live broadcast of the Tour d’Azerbaidjan cycling race from Baku and the regions in recent years, giving sports fans the opportunity to watch live through the Eurosport channel.

You can get more information about the Center by visiting the company’s official webpage, in addition to its Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, İnstagram and Twitter social media channels.

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