Azerbaijan’s postal operator to create own e-commerce platform


Azerbaijan’s postal operator Azerpost LLC intends to create its own e-commerce platform, the company told Trend.

According to the company, the negotiations on the project implementation are being conducted with specialized companies from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

“The matter rests in the companies offering services for creating e-commerce platforms,” Azerpost said. “The creation of an electronic platform is included in the plan of the company’s actions for 2018-2020.”

“The plan of actions is based on the strategic roadmap for the ICT development where the key and priority issues are the development of Internet-banking, mobile banking and popularization of non-cash payments,” Azerpost said. “Being a state structure, Azerpost must support the set goals and our main task is to create this platform.”

Moreover, the negotiations about the possibility of connecting Azerpost to the e-commerce project of the Turkish postal operator are also underway.

“Today, all purchase-sale transactions through are carried out exclusively within Turkey, as well as logistics,” Azerpost said. “The essence of our negotiations with the Turkish postal operator is for Azerpost payment cards to be used for purchases through this platform and the ordered goods to be delivered to Azerbaijan.”

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