Azerbaijan Culture Center opens in Indonesia


Azerbaijani Culture Center has opened at the University of Indonesia on the initiative of rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL), academician Kamal Abdulla.

Head of the Department of Researches and Publications at AUL Habib Zarbaliyev, who attended the opening ceremony, highlighted the activity of the center. He said the center is located in the Fundamental Library of the University of Indonesia.

“The center aims to promote the Azerbaijani culture and facilitate student and teacher exchange programs, as well as deepen cooperation between the two countries,” he said.

The culture center features a wide assembly hall designed to host special events, such as days of Azerbaijani culture, exhibitions, academic seminars to give the Indonesians a better understanding of the Azerbaijani culture.

The center will be chaired by one of AUL teachers, and a special course on the Azerbaijani multiculturalism will be introduced at the university starting from the next academic year.

AUL and the University of Indonesia reached agreement to sign a memorandum of cooperation with the purpose of implementing student and teacher exchange programs and conducting joint researches.

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