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Ambassador: US, Azerbaijan reach significant expansion of bilateral co-op


The embassy of the USA in Azerbaijan jointly with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan finalized the restoration of the historic Gumbezli Hamam, an important piece of Azerbaijan’s history, which dates to the early 19th century, located in Guba.

“The project, which we were involved in, jointly with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, is very important on a number of different levels, including the expansion of the tourism potential of the Guba city, increasing the economic prosperity in this part of the country, as well as, strengthening of cooperation between the United States and Azerbaijan,” said the Ambassador of the USA to Azerbaijan Robert Cekuta.

He added that Azerbaijan and the US work together to create common principles and efforts to move forward and improve bilateral friendship.

“I hope this project will illustrate our willingness to cooperate in difficult times, paying respect to each other’s culture and people,” said the ambassador.

Touching upon his impression of Azerbaijan before finalizing his work in the country, Cekuta stressed that he considers the expansion of cooperation between Azerbaijan and the USA as the greatest achievement during his mission in Azerbaijan since 2015.

The ambassador added that he witnessed a great model of tolerant society in Azerbaijan.

“The tolerance that Azerbaijan demonstrates to the representatives of other ethnicities and religions is something that many other countries cannot realize, and this is very important in terms of our reality and the conflicts that the world faces,” said the ambassador.

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