“Nizamiya Madrasah and its Azerbaijani representatives” event held


Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL) within the framework of the project “Our Language and Morality” held an event “Nizamiya Madrasah and its Azerbaijani representatives” on May 15.

At the event, director of the Institute of Folklore, head of the department of Azerbaijani literature of the university, academician Mukhtar Imanov informed about the Nizamiya madrasah. It was noted that, Nizamiya madrasah was founded in the era of the Great Seljuks, and its name is associated with the name of Vizier Nizammulk. Madrasah Baghdad Nizamiya is considered the first university of the middle Ages. After the opening of the Nizamiya madrasah, Khatib Tabrizi began teaching philology here and headed a well-known library functioning in a madrasah. In the madrasah, in addition to the religious sciences, secular science was also taught.

Speaking further, director of ANAS Institute of Linguistics, academician Mohsun Naghisoylu noted that, this topic, connected with the Islamic culture is relevant. He stressed that, along with the Persians and Arabs, the Turks also played a big role in the emergence of Islamic culture.

Correspondent member of ANAS, Konul Bunyadzadeh, spoke about the establishment of the Nizamiya madrasah. Noting that, the Islamic religion calls for science, K. Bunyadzadeh brought to the attention that the basis of these madrasahs is education.

At the event were held discussions on the topic.