Offical 2019.11.07

Kuwait National Library presented publications by ANAS Institute of History


The delegation led by Director of ANAS Institute of History, academician Yagub Mahmudov met with head of Kuwait National Library, Sheikh Rasha Naif al-Jabir al-Sabah.

Yagub Makhmudov said at the meeting that Azerbaijan has love and respect for Kuwait. Academician emphasized that, Andalusia and the Irevan Khanate had similar fates.

The book “Irevan Khanate: Russian Conquest and the resettlement of Armenians to the Northern Azerbaijan Lands”, the presentation of which was held in Kuwait, proves that, the Irevan Khanate was also an Islamic state.

In the early 19th century, after the occupation of this state tsarist Russia resettled Armenians there. And there Turkic-Islamic culture was destroyed. Yagub Makhmudov noted that at a time when attacks on Islam are taking place around the world, the Islamic world must unite and defend Islamic culture.

Yagub Makhmudov held a presentation of the Institute’s publications in Arabic – “Irevan Khanate: Russian conquest and resettlement of Armenians in the lands of Northern Azerbaijan”, “Irevan Khanate: Khan’s palace destroyed by Armenian vandals”, “Iravan Khanate: Iravan khanates, destroyed by Armenian vandals”, “Iravan Khanate: Irevan Fortress – a symbol of heroism” and “Chukhursad governors and Irevan khans” and donated copies of these books to the institution.

Head of the library said that, the electronic version of the book “Iravan Khanate: Russian conquest and resettlement of Armenians in the lands of Northern Azerbaijan” will be included into the electronic catalog of the library, the publication will be displayed at the exhibition of the institution.

In addition, the parties also agreed to sign a cooperation agreement between the Institute of History and the Kuwait National Library.


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