Central Scientific Library has received about 50 documents from foreign countries in December 2017


The Central Scientific Library of ANAS received 50 copies of documents (books and magazines) within the framework of the International Book Exchange with organizations of many countries around the world in December 2017.

Publications include the editorial staff of the Science News magazine, the University of Michigan Library, the National Library of Scotland, the Japan Chemical and Geochemical Society, the Kyoto University, the National Library of Belarus, the National Library of Bulgaria named after St. Cyril and the Mefody, the German Publication, Institute of Mathematics, Turkish Language Center, Islamic Studies Center, Turkish Dormitory, Taiwan National University, Swiss Botanical Garden.

As a result of the Exchange with Germany (“Senckenberg Natur Forschung Museum” 2017 Bus 147 Heft 09-12), Poland (Commentationes mathematicae 2017 Vol.57, No.1), Switzerland (Candollea 2016 – Vol.72 / 2), Sweden (Elements (An International Magazine (Biological Library 2014-2017), National Library of Scotland (Transactions of the Royal Society of Earth: Earth and Environmental Science), Japan (Publications of the Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 2017 Vol.90, No.11; Geochemical Journal 2017 Vol.51, N 3) the United States (Science News 2017- vol.192, No. 7, Michigan Mathematical Journal 2017 Vol.66 Issue 2) and Taiwan (The Universe 2017 Vol.5, Nr.2), scientific journals were obtained.

From the Turkish Republic, 11 books and magazines were included in CSL.

  1. Türk Dünyası Tarih – Kültür Dergisi 2017 sayı 371 cilt 62
  2. Türk Dünyası Tarih – Kültür Dergisi 2017 sayı 372 cilt 62
  3. Türk Dünyası Araştırmaları 2017-Cilt 117 sayı 230
  4. Türk Dünyası Araştırmaları 2017-Cilt 117 sayı 231
  5. Bilig Türk Dünyası Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi 2017 Nr.83
  6. Türk yurdu 2017 sayı 363 (2 nüsxə)
  7. Türk yurdu 2017 sayı 364 (2 nüsxə)
  8. Türk dili 2017 Cilt 113 sayı 792
  9. İslam Araştırmaları Dergisi 2017 sayı 38
  10. Belleten 2017 Cilt 81, Sayı 290
  11. Belleten 2017 Cilt 81, Sayı 291

The Central Scientific Library has received the books of the following authors from the Republic of Belarus.

  1. Чурко, Ю. Белорусский хореографический фольклор. Минск, 2016
  2. Лепин, Г.Ф. Атомная энергетика: безопасность, экология, экономика. Минск, 2015
  3. Руденков, В.М. Инновационные производственные системы. Минск, 2016
  4. Короленок, Г.А. Внешнеторговые отношения Республики Беларусь. Минск, 2015
  5. Селезнев, А.А. Психологическое здоровье в контексте развития личности. Минск, 2016
  6. История Беларуси в контексте европейской цивилизации. Минск, 2016