Azerbaijan’s State Security Service arrests foreign spy


Employees of Azerbaijan’s State Security Service have arrested a foreign spy, the public relations department of the service said in a message Oct. 18.

Bahram Hasanzada, the arrested foreign citizen, was engaged in espionage according to instructions from foreign services, to the detriment of Azerbaijan’s state security, the message said.

The information about his criminal actions and that he was engaged in stealing state secrets and the recruitment of Azerbaijani citizens was confirmed.

As a result of a joint operation conducted by Azerbaijan’s State Security Service and the State Border Service, Hasanzada was detained in Azerbaijan while illegally crossing the state border.

The Main Investigation Department of Azerbaijan’s State Security Service brought him to criminal responsibility under Article 276 (espionage) and 318.1 (illegal crossing of state border) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

A preventive measure in the form of arrest was chosen by a court in his regard.

It was also established that on the instructions of foreign intelligence services, Hasanzada collected information about military personnel of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, military strategic facilities located in the country, military equipment and ammunition, relations with foreign countries in the military sphere, as well as other intelligence information in the sphere of state security and defense of Azerbaijan.