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Azerbaijan-Russia trade & economic relations increasingly developing – MFA


Trade and economic relations between Azerbaijan and Russia are increasingly developing, spokesperson for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Leyla Abdullayeva told

“The exchange of high-level visits between the two countries, in particular, numerous meetings at the presidential level, make a great contribution to the even greater development of partnership, friendship and good neighborly relations between our countries,” she said.

“For Azerbaijan, Russia is the number one partner in imports. At the same time, Russia is the number one partner in exporting products of our non-oil sector.”

She noted that relations between Azerbaijan and Russia are developing widely in the implementation of investment projects, as well as transport, tourism, humanitarian, cultural and other fields.

“Our countries also cooperate in a mutually beneficial manner in the international arena, on a number of issues on the global security agenda,” she added. “In this regard, cooperation and coordination in the fight against terrorism and extremism should be emphasized.”


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