Armenian mafia is a big threat – German TV, VIDEO


The MDR TV was supposed to broadcast a 30-minute documentary film called “Godfather in Germany: The Armenian Mafia and Thieves-In-Law” about the existence of the Armenian mafia and Armenia’s Ambassador to Germany, Ashot Smbatian’s relations with the Armenian criminal groups on November 7, 2018. However, Smbatian obtained a last-minute injunction from a Berlin court on November 6 that barred the broadcast the documentary on November 7.

Instead of broadcasting 30-minute documentary, 7-minute video was broadcasted. The broadcasted video was about the activities of the Armenian mafia in Germany and investigations by the German Law Enforcement bodies. The joint investigation, by reporters from the news magazine Der Spiegel and MDR Television, reveals that German law enforcement agencies have been secretly monitoring the Armenian mafia in the country for years.
It was noted that the allegations come from a report based on a three-year covert investigation by various German security services into the activities of an Armenian-led branch of an infamous criminal group Berlin has dubbed the “Thieves-In-Law,” which operates throughout Europe and reportedly has tentacles in sports and diplomatic circles.

Referring to Europol and Interpol agencies, the number of the Armenian ‘legal thieves’ is about 670-900 and the majority of them live outside Germany. Besides, there are evidences on relations between the Italian mafia and the Armenian mafia.

Smbatian obtained a last-minute injunction from a Berlin court on November 6 that barred the broadcast of a Der Spiegel/MDR documentary on the German investigation on November 7.

The film, The Godfather In Germany, details the Thieves-In-Law’s alleged operations in Germany and other parts of Europe, where it purportedly collaborates with Italian mafia groups.

MDR said it did not have enough time after the November 6 court decision to make the necessary changes to the documentary as required by the legal order and thus had to postpone its broadcast.

Those facts about the Armenian media in Germany and other European countries necessitate the investigation of people’s links with the Armenian criminal gangs, who visit to the Armenian occupied territories of Azerbaijan. Such criminal cases show that the financial provider of the Armenian lobby is the Armenian mafia.

Hopefully, law enforcement bodies of Belgium will investigate the head of the Armenian lobby in Brussels, Kaspar Karampetian.