Anniversary meeting of TurkPA to be held in Izmir


The sixth meeting of the Commission on Legal Affairs and International Relations of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Turkic-speaking States (TurkPA) was held in the Parliament of Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani Parliament said in a statement November 1.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Ismet Ucma, Chairman of the TurkPA Commission on Legal Affairs and International Relations and member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and was attended by representatives of the parliaments of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey, as well as experts.

Ucma noted the importance of the fact that over the past ten years, the cooperation between the fraternal countries has been expanded at the parliamentary level.

“On November 20 of this year, the 10th anniversary of TurkPA will be celebrated in Izmir,” he said.

The chairman of the commission expressed hope that the work carried out over ten years could become a “road map” for further activities.

Then the Member of the Azerbaijani Parliament Javanshir Feyziyev and the Secretary General of TurkPA Altynbek Mamaiusupov made speeches.

The meeting discussed the “Financial Status of the Secretariat of TurkPA”, “Regulations on Medals for Merit and Medal Certificates”, “Summary Report on Developing a joint Position on the Anti-Terrorism Legislation of the Member States of TURKPA”, etc.