Academician Asaf Hajiyev visited Hong Kong at the invitation of City University


Academician of ANAS Asaf Hajiyev visited Hong Kong on 23-26 April 2018 at the invitation of City University, spoke at the university’s seminar and discussed joint research.

On 23 April, Asaf Hajiyev spoke on “Problems of Control and Optimization in Complex Stochastic Technical Systems and Their Application” at the University’s Scientific Seminar, gave information about the latest developments in this field and their application and answered participants’ questions.

On 24-26 April, A. Hajiyev and Nozer Singpurwalla, professor of G. Washington University and Masaaki Kijima, professor of Hiroshima University, Japan, met to discuss topical issues in various areas of the theory of probability and agreed to conduct joint scientific research.