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Winter Meeting of OSCE PA opens in Vienna


The 17th Winter Meeting of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly has kicked off at the Hofburg Congress Centre in Vienna.

Azerbaijan`s delegation at the event includes Vice-President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, MP Azay Guliyev, as well as MPs Tahir Mirkishili, Ulviya Aghayeva and Kamran Nabizade.

Addressing the meeting, Guliyev hailed the Assembly president`s efforts towards protecting the territorial integrity of countries, solving conflicts and fighting against radicalization.

He highlighted the Baku Conference of the Silk Road Support Group to be held next month.

The two-day meeting of the OSCE PA will feature meetings of the committees of economic affairs, science, technology and environment, as well as democracy, human rights and humanitarian affairs.

The 2nd meeting of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly’s Silk Road Support Group will be held on February 23, during which the participants will make necessary amendments and changes to the charter of the organization and hold discussions on the issues related to the admission of Greece and Moldova to the organization. They will also discuss a draft resolution supporting the initiative of restoration of Silk Road,as well as hosting the International Baku Conference dedicated to the OSCE PA Silk Road Support Group’ by Milli Majlis on March 13-14.

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