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U.S. Embassy delivers public lectures on children with disabilities


On March 1st Georgetown University Professor Dr. Toby Long, an internationally renowned consultant on children with disabilities and special health care needs, delivered a public lecture at Baku State University on Autism Spectrum Disorder, attended by more than 170 participants, reports.

Majority of the attendees were psychologists, graduate students and people working with disabled children.

Dr. Long’s next public lecture, on “Developmental Disabilities” held on March 6 at Baku State University, and will provide a comprehensive overview of common developmental disabilities identified in early childhood, as well as service delivery to children with disabilities and their families. The lecture will emphasize inclusive, family-centered, community based services and support.

Toby Long is a Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Georgetown University and the Training Director of the Center for Child and Human Development at the University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. She is also Director of the Graduate Certificate Program in Early Intervention offered by Georgetown University. After completing her current visit, Dr. Toby Long will be back to Baku in May to work with additional partners at the Azerbaijan Medical University and Pedagogical University

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